Beer and Plunder

Run your own viking pub in a chaotic co-op management adventure! Grab your friends, axes and tankards, and work together to both serve and fight your hot-headed customers. It’s time to show the world what viking hospitality looks like!

Stay on your feet and serve your customers before they lose their temper! A happy guest will reward you with gold to spend on buying additional items, weapons and upgrades.

Rather than simply leaving, unhappy guests will take violent measures to show you their dissatisfaction. Reasonably, you are left with no other choice but to fight these angry guests all the way out the door!

Serve goblins, elves, wizards and more on your journey to all the unique islands around Valhalland. Pack your things, and sharpen your weapons, these newly found guests are unfortunately just as short-tempered as your everyday viking!

Your reputation is growing, and more and more guests want to visit your pub. Expand your pub and inventory to keep up with the high demand!